The tandem flight is a unique sensation

It can be done by anyone without the need to have prior knowledge or specific physical conditions, not influencing age or physical condition (min. Weight: 40 Kg. - Max .: 115 Kg. You just have to have the desire to experiment at all its fullness the pleasure of flying with an experienced and certified pilot.

The duration of the tandem flight is approximately 25 minutes and has a cost of 90 euros per passenger. You fly with a qualified professional, and it includes the Civil Liability insurance required by law.

The activity can be extended for 2-3 hours (you have to take into account the time it will take to get on the take-off, the pre-flight instructions, the wait for optimal conditions, etc.)

Where we fly

Teba (Málaga)
Cañete la Real (Málaga)
Casarabonela (Málaga)
Loja (Granada)

How to book your flight?

Book for free by calling us at (+34) 622 577 021, sending us a WhatsApp message and you will receive immediate confirmation. You can make the payment as you want (before or after making the flight).

The flight area will be chosen by our pilots (the best in safe conditions for the specified day) and is confirmed two days in advance.

The activity is subject to weather conditions and if the pilot considers that the conditions for that day are not appropriate to fly safely; then the activity will be postponed for another day. Cancellation has no cost.

What should you bring

Mountain footwear: Normally takeoffs and landings are very soft, but being a sport that depends completely on the wind, there may be circumstances outside the piloting that make the landing less soft than expected, so we recommend wearing trekking boots that cover the ankle; if not, sneakers.

Clothes: Clothing is essential for the comfort of each one, come warm with mountain clothing, gloves, sweatshirt or fleece (for winter),… You do not need more than the clothes you use for trekking or mountain walks.

During the summer we recommend sunscreen, a hat and water.

You can hire the following extras with your paragliding flight:

Video report of the flight: 20 euros

Acrobatic Flight: 20 euros. The acrobatic flight lasts 15 minutes.

Flight as a couple: 10 euros by person. Normally the flights are made one by one; But if you want to fly with another person at the same time, we must have an extra pilot. You must mention this extra at the time of booking your flight.


1Where do we meet?
We will establish a meeting point and then go up to take off.
2What happens if I bring companions?
We do not guarantee space for those accompanying them, so they must bring their own car until take off.