Fly-Guide & Coaching

Air Born Adventures organizes holidays for paragliding pilots and their partners to come and fly and also practice active tourism in the area.

Here the climate conditions are unique in Europe, open to most wind directions providing us with consistently good flying conditions that enable us to fly uninterrupted and where one can fly thermals and cross country nearly all year round, depending on the pilot's skill.

This area has a number of launches with different orientations and the micro climate gives rise to a cloud base of between 1,500 - 2,500 metres, providing good size thermals.

South-westerly winds from the Straits of Gibraltar offer the opportunity for an early morning take-off, but flying can start as late in the day as 2pm, in the summer as late as 6 – 7pm when the southwest launch area is in full sun, and can continue through to sunset.


Free-flying guide service located in Teba. Teba is a town located at 60km from Malaga Airport, and has launches in all directions! If you are looking for uncrowded places but good for flying.

At less than 1 hour from other flying zones like:

  • Cadiz (Algodonales, El Bosque): 59 km
  • Malaga (Cañete la Real): 12 km
  • Granada (Loja, Cenes de la Vega): 86 km

With launches in all directions, we can offer you a high probability of flying most days all year round.

Join us and get to know the different flying sites of the area, to practice thermals, cross, restitution flights, hillside flying, and thermal mountainside.

We will take you to the best flying sites in accordance with the day’s climate conditions.

We can also organise tandem flights for non-pilots who wish to experiment uninstructed free-flying.

A day with Air Born Adventures

Flying us much as possible, sharing good times and tasting the fantastic local food, tapas, and of course a good cold glass of beer!

What if is not suitable for flying?

For non-flying days, we can offer alternative activities

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